Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Typical Mind Set!!!

Once I had been to shopping with my cousin in Jayanagar 4th block.

On the way we met a guy from my native. I spoke to him for a long time...also I introduced my cousin... We went to a nearby chat shop and had few snacks.

After that we left from there… finished the work and I reached back my hostel.

After 2 months …

I was waiting for my mom in bus stop in my native place . One lady came.

Suddenly she told me “ I heard that your marriage is fixed!!! “

Hey...Come on... I did not know that I am getting married yar!! :P

I was shocked and asked her... Who told her and with whom am I getting married?? Just a curiosity: P

She told me that she has heard it from someone...

I kept quiet and didn’t want to prolong this discussion…

But then she started asking me again, are u getting married and she started giving me advice like

..If the guy is of our caste then no problem and all…. blah blah blah…

I got irritated and asked her very seriously to tell me from whom she came to knew about my wedding.. To her luck the bus arrived and she left.

I was thinking.. How on earth this gossip would have originated

But later I realized that she is the mother of the guy whom I met in 4th block.

The big mistake I did was that I forgot to mention to him that he is my cousin brother.

Is it necessary that I have to tell all the details when I introduce someone?!!…Uffff….

Can’t we go out with brothers, cousins and friends?? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ya... you can go with your hubby also :)... I was wondering why she didn't ask "When was your marriage?"

  2. Human life pivots around perception, both in waking states and in dream states.

    Moreover there is always a cause and effect in everything taken despite the significance of the action imposed on each individual. Life can definitely become more enjoyable by just a slight adjustment in their perception. Change your view, change your world. As simple as it is.


  3. You can go with anybody, it depends on the persons mental status who decides with whom you are going. I also didnt like this attitude.
    Nicely written

  4. Thanks Folks!!

    Manju and Ajish..I will take care of you soon..

  5. wel wen is your marriage shobha??? ;) :)