Friday, November 6, 2009

Rewinding a funny moment !!

Bus travels are sometimes funny and memorable. There was one such incident and whenever I think of it, it reminds me how I made a bakra of myself and it brings back a smile on my face. So here I am sharing that with you.

I was going back from my college to my home. It was a normal afternoon and the bus was empty. I wanted to enjoy my silent time and chose a window seat. I kept my bag on the seat so that no one disturbs my silent moments…

But then a guy boarded the bus. I have seen him many times.. but didn’t get the urge to speak to him. May be he had the urge to speak to me ;-)

He came to me and asked whether he can occupy the seat next to me with a smile on his face….he wanted me to take my bag off…. …

I somehow didn’t want to leave my space. So, told him that my friends would come.

He went and sat in a different place. Few more people boarded the bus but no one sat next to meJ I was happy ;-)

But then again he came and asked whether he can sit now. I told him the same answer. He went back to his seat. Then the driver came. I was hoping that the driver takes the bus soon so that I can go back into my world of thoughts.

But to my amazement the guy told the driver that my friend has to come and asked the driver to wait for my friend’s arrival….what aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa boomerang? He knew that no one was coming J.

So I quietly took my bag off and he sat next to me L.


  1. Why girls didn't come to you to ask for the seat? Only guys came auh? :)

  2. lol.... he was sitting somewhere else rt?? y again he came next to you ???
    very nicely written

  3. Crazy Fans!! What to do?? ;-)

    Ajish, Surely will kill you..